COVID-19 Support Appeal

We should take all action necessary to suppress the virus, save lives and minimise harm. As you may all remember on 29/03/20, Birmingham branch of excellence, having listened to its members and supporters in the MDC party launched a Covid -19 fundraising event for Zimbabwe and invited all well wishers and opposition parties to join them in such a worth cause of fundraising to help Zimbabwe in this time of need.

I am glad to announce that from the few individuals who committed the very precious resources, we have raised £655. We did not set a target at first but we clearly now see the need to set a target of £1000 mark to help not only our health personnel get PPEs and medical equipment to ease the burden of protecting the sick and their families in Zimbabwe but to also show our continued involvement in our motherland. I am therefore inviting you to join others who have already given to the worth cause without counting the cost and giving generously to help alleviate the burden COVID -19 has brought or will bring to our beloved nation Zimbabwe.

Our deadline for receiving donations is 15/05/2020. I will come back to you to source ideas of how best to dispatch the donations. Consultation with most stakeholders will determine the way forward. You will be kept updated. Once again thank you very much for your continued support for our neglected health institutions and your generous donations received so far or yet to be received and accounted for due to technicalities of the Covid -19 lockdown. Please keep up the good work.

Izwi Muyambi

Interim Branch Chair