President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai Dies

MDC President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai died in a South African hospital where he was being treated on 14 February 2018 after a long struggle with Colon Cancer. He was buried at his rural home of Buhera in Manicaland Province Zimbabwe where the second largest crowd witnessed in the whole world after the one at Nelson Mandela (over 800 000). It was a fitting farewell for a man who changed the face of Zimbabwe completely in the past 37 years of Mugabe’s rule by playing a role that in many ways was more important than that of Robert Mugabe.

He may have held almost absolute power for 37 years but Robert Mugabe left Zimbabwe as one of the poorest country in the world in per capita GDP terms. Millions of Zimbabweans died of poverty, malnutrition and political motivated violence. Under Mugabe’s rule, he definitely destroyed his legacy and he will not get the royal send off that the people gave to President Tsvangirai. He was 65 when he died and President Tsvangirai’s journey started when he left his rural village home as a teenager to work as a textile worker in Mutare. After that found another job at a mine where he became a leader of the workers union. In 1988, he became The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions Secretary General. At that point, Morgan Tsvangirai became the General of the army of workers and the poor and led resistance to taxes and price hikes. In 2008, Mugabe lost the elections to Morgan Tsvangirai but Emerson Mnangagwa and the army generals delayed releasing the results and manipulated them to force a rerun. Another poll was held but Morgan Tsvangirai balking at the slaughter of his supporters, withdrew. It's ironic that Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe's new President whose sudden coming to the realisation that Mugabe was the problem - a fact millions of other Zimbabweans deduced decades ago, spoke at Morgan Tsvangirai's funeral lauding his fight for democracy. GO WE SAVE!!! Victor Karonga Chairman MDC Birmingham Branch