End of year message from the Vice Chairperson

Dear cadres.....

As we have all noticed the events which unfolded in Zimbabwe, the nation and the world saw a military coup (which the military claimed was not a coup), take place and eventually remove Mugabe from his presidential post. Former vice president Emerson Mnangagwa took over and was installed as the new president of Zimbabwe, then he selected his own cabinet. This is the same old system known as Zanu-pf and they will not do any reforms to remove themselves out of power. We as MDC-T need to continue fighting against this regime and continue encouraging everyone to register so they can vote come elections next year. Zanu-pf is at it’s lowest point of power and if this split continues till election time, the factions will be fighting for voters and we can gather as many votes as we can. Vote rigging will be difficult from Zanu-pf as the factions will be checking on each other. International observers can also play an important role for a free and fair election. War vets need to be reminded that they went to war to liberate Zimbabwe and not individuals. They need to stand up for the people and not a few. As we celebrate the end of another year let us not forget our beloved folks back home and encourage them to go in numbers to register for voting. In my capacity as Vice Chair for Birmingham branch I would like to say merry Xmas and a happy new year to everyone.

Charles Nenguke, Vice Chairperson