2018 Raffle Election Fund Raffle

As we are approaching the 2018 general election MDC-T continues to strive to serve to revive all Zimbabwean irrespective of gender or colour. Zimbabwe is currently under ailing 92 year old, Robert Mugabe dictatorship. This is clearly noticed when corruption by Zanu Pf officials goes unchallenged (e.g. disappearance of US$15 billion saga that evaporated into thin air, Grace Mugube’s US$1.5 diamond ring scandal, Jonathan Moyo US450 000 government manpower development fund fraud and many more.

I see light at the end of the tunnel of Zimbabweans, our mission to excel and win the 2018 general election. I am proudly happy to announce that we have launched a fundraising raffle ticket competition to raise money for our Party as we prepare for the 2018 Elections. Buy your ticket for £1 and stand a chance of winning a car but most importantly your £1 will go a long way in contributing to bringing change in Zimbabwe. To buy please contact me at dereck.sibanda@yahoo.co.uk. Below is a sample of our raffle tickets

Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.