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Zanu Pf: A Herald of lies to the people

Its March 1994, voices were raised and patriotic hearts were uplifted as we sang the second verse of our new national anthem: “Look at Zimbabwe, a land so wondrously lovely

With mountains, and rivers cascading, flowing free;

May rain abound, and fields be fertile;

May we be fed, our labour blessed;

And may the Almighty protect and bless our land”.

These are mere words of the true wishes of people of Zimbabwe, words that only resonate on the national anthem but highly contradict the true and fragmented state of Zimbabwe. The truth is Zimbabwe is a land so wondrously lovely and yet still so wondrously corrupt to a point of bringing the whole nation to its knees and knuckles where people are scrapping for food and yet the corrupt government splurge money and live a life of luxury, just look at Kasukuwere’s house. The food market is being flooded by cheap Chinese food which is according to health experts, very dangerous as cheap plastic rice being sold to the desperate citizens who are in no position to be choosey. I wonder when we sing the national anthem, are our hearts still uplifted? What uplifts me is that God is not blind or deaf to the cries of Zimbabweans and soon we will be free from this oppression and we need to take that bold step to freedom.

“Zimbabwean” what does it mean to be a Zimbabwean? With 95% unemployment of which research states that it could even be around 97%. Jobs scarce, food shortages mass exodusto other countries. One may struggle to see an end to all the suffering in Zimbabwe, unless there is change in leadershipand government. The decline of once a great nation of Zimbabwe has resulted in a mass migration in particular to South Africa where people believe that they have found a safe haven but it couldn’t be far from the truth. Zimbabweans are targeted and confronted by wide brutal mobs who are out for blood and in some reported cases people burnt alive. It’s fair to say this is not an everyday occurrence but it is an everyday fear that the kettle will over boil and violence will erupt. This shows the extent and extreme circumstances of Zimbabwe, where people are willing to risk their life, crossing the border just to have access to food. Xenophobia was mainly a word only associated with Hitler’s times and his desire to exterminate the Jewish race during the Holocaust. Now that word is freely used as violence towards immigrants has spreadand exercised openly in Africa and mainly on Zimbabweans. It is easy to be overwhelmed by emotions and point the finger at South African’s brutality, but if you look closer, the culprits, perpetrators and the orchestrators of this mess is the corrupt and heartless Zimbabwean government.

Over time Zimbabwe seems as if it has been holding on the thin thread of survival and of hope that life will be better, but to me we have not been holding but we have been bound by fear of persecution, fear of expression and fear of unexplained disappearance just like Itai Dzamara who is somewhere in an unmarked grave. Have we sunk that far as a nation to point of being pacified by these corrupt Politicians who never discuss why 10 year old girls stand in the darkness of streets to sell their bodies in order to survive, why the education structure is one of the worst in the world? Are we so fearful, traumatised and enslaved so much that in 2017 you still see people wearing Mugabe’s t shirts singing his name and yet can’t afford to feed their children? This is mental slavery of which there seem to be no hope of emancipation from the shackles of oppressiveness unless we have a new government and a new president. President Mugabe has overstayed his reign and it is driven the country to a laughing stock when he can’t stay up during seminars and important nations meetings. Is this to signify how docile and fearful we are as a nation that we can let a man in his 90s to continue to drag us down to oblivion

It appears that the whole international community has decided to turn a blind eye to all that is happening and the UN should actually take blame for a lot of it because there appears to be more disunity than unity within the organisation. And the majority of efforts are being turned to the conflicts that are happening between Russia and the US leading to no action being taken and irrelevant factions forming within the UN itself.

Back to Zimbabwe. It appears that the beatings and lynching of Zimbabwean citizens who are deemed illegal citizens in countries like Botswana is not even batting an eyelid. Young women are being lured under the promise of employment to the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, emirates etc. were they are forced to work under deplorable conditions, beaten, raped, tortured and treated as slaves, this is occurring far too often. It seems as though the whole world has turned its back on Zimbabwe and turned their backs to all that is happening. Time has ceased to exist for the once bread and basket of Africa and the whole world has sat by idly while the once prosperous nation withers away. Constant suffering has become the norm. Having excellent A-levels and going to university to get an excellent degree, means nothing now as statistics show with 95% unemployment the chances of you getting work, no matter how intelligent you are, are very low, key in corruption and nepotism and the low chances become slim to none. Many are asking who can they turn to, who is to blame and anyone caught asking too loudly is shipped off somewhere and never found again.

Zimbabwe has now turned into a modern wild west. Full of corruption an irrelevant government that cares nothing about its people. Corruption is now so high that the people that were assigned to check the level of corruption were actually bribed“Welcome to Zimbabwe”.

The leadership has proved to be not fit for purpose and one can only wonder the uncertainty future the young children of Zimbabwe will face. They say children are our future, but what future do they have in Zimbabwe? When University graduates litter the streets vending and some working dead end jobs and that’s if they get paid. What hope do they have? These are some of many questions that can be only by the government but the true answer and solution is a complete removal of the cancerous government and set about restoring the nation. Whether said loudly or quietly the majority Zimbabweans including myself are hoping and waiting for the demise of Zanu pf and that day, the earth will shake with joy and cries of freedom, it’s a matter of time and I only pray to God that I’m still alive to experience it.

Many democratic states, have hope of electoral privilege to address and voice their opinions regarding their future and the future of the country, but in Zimbabwe, we are yet to experience that privilege. Any hope of change is thwarted by sheer aggression, intimidation, more exposure to poverty and the mental slavery wagon carries on as the world watches. I simply don’t think Zimbabwe can carry on another 10 years of Zanu PF without completely annihilating the hope of ever being a change or future for the citizens of Zimbabwe. The corrupt government officials of Zimbabwe know that there is an end to all their crimes and corruption and like Mobuto SeSe Seko, they will extract every inch of resources of the land and condemn the people of Zimbabwe to scavenge like vultures. I write with passion and conviction, and most of all without hesitation because Zanu Pf has lied to the citizens, they have condemned Zimbabweans to a life of unspeakable human rights violations, no access to basic needs, no clean water, great poverty, corruption and other atrocities. To me singing praises and supporting such a government is good as volunteering yourself to a life sentence where you look from a distance at these corrupt officials throwing lavish parties, living large, but yet they never even take a glance at you (think about it). This is a message of hope and encouragement to every Zimbabwean citizen that we can make our nation to be greater than it was before. We must forge an unbreakable alliance as a people, to fight against oppression both physical and mentally. Rise the children of Zimbabwe and now is the time to start reconditioning our minds towards the promised land of freedom and escape this vile, toxic and evil government and its corrupt officials and emancipate ourselvesfrom oppression. Let us find courage to restore our nation, let us unite against the adversary and make our nation Great Again.

Written by

Kudakwashe Shaun Hove

Kudakwashe Shaun Hove is a political analyst and a determined human rights activist for the oppressed