A Remarkable MDC UK & Ireland 18th Anniversary Celebration

Hundreds of MDC UK and Ireland members gathered in Birmingham on Saturday 16th September 2017 to celebrate its 18th Anniversary. Many ordinary Zimbabweans were also present and it was a great day to be remembered. As a party, it was a historical day as we were reflecting on the road that we have travelled for the past 18 years. The formation of the MDC in 1999, radically changed Zimbabwe's profile into a pluralist democracy, where the party has advocated for the rule of law, respect for human rights, and helped the country to have a new constitution. Our party today has emerged to be the best party because our party has the best values and believes in hope, opportunity, decency and prosperity unlike the liberation movement Zanu PF who believe in the opposite of all those things.

A huge credit should go to MDC Birmingham Branch for their excellent organisational skills to plan, organise and host such a successful event. There was entertainment that kept everyone on the dance floor and plenty of food and drinks. Speakers who spoke, encouraged every Zimbabwean to focus on the forth coming general elections in 2018 by registering on the new BVR voting system that is being introduced. The formation of an MDC Alliance was most welcomed and speaker after speaker, they urge all Zimbabweans to support it as it is the only formidable way to remove Zanu PF from Power.

In conclusion, the celebrations finished with one major resolve that the MDC UK structure will work hard to mobilise resources to support the 2018 elections. We cannot just stand and watch but take action to bring the change that we can all be proud of - A New Democratic Zimbabwe.

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