MDC-T Vice President Visits Birmingham

MDC-T Birmingham Branch was honoured with a visit by Vice President Thokozani Khupe on Sunday 30 April 2017 and was met by members who had an opportunity to ask questions about the situation back home. The Branch Chairman Mr Victor Karonga briefed the Vice President about the current branch activities that the branch is undertaking and she was informed that the branch is heavily engaged with preparations to host the MDC-T 18th Anniversary Celebrations on 16th September 2017.

In her brief address, Vice President Thokozani Khupe told members that the MDC-T is working with other opposition political parties to form a coalition before next year's general elections. She announced that the country is adopting the Biometric Voter System (BVR) and trial are under way throughout the country. She appealed to members in the Diaspora to support the party financially to ensure that they recruit and train some polling agents on time. She pointed out that the party will ensure that our polling agents will not Blink or even take a toilet Break until the votes are counted, verified and announced.

The Vice President further assured members that the party is united and are working very hard on the ground to make sure the party will form the next government in 2018. She stated that after the President had toured the whole country meeting the opinion leaders, he has asked every leader to go back to their wards and meet the people in order to connect with the electorate. She warned Zanu PF that the MDC-T will defend the will of the people. However, the Vice President regretted that the Zanu PF government has refused to allow people outside the country the right to vote and she announced that it is not yet safe for people in the Diaspora to return home.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge and thank the following members who travelled to Slough on 29 April 2017 to attend a rally that the Vice President addressed before visiting Birmingham;

1. Charles Nenguke 2. Jonathan Chawora 3. Makusha Mugabe 4. Mathew Nyashanu 5. Dereck Sibanda 6. Paul Tafamba Chipamhadze

7. Tecla Bandawe 8. Victor Karonga 9. Teclar Muchenje 10. Natasha Mubaiwa 11. Gladys Mtetwa 12. Mininhle Sibanda 13. Elinah Mhlanga 14. Vimbai Chambara 15. Eve Muyezwa 16. Thembani Mugodi 17. Rumbidzayi Mudyanadzo 18. Sibusisiwe Tshuma 19.Nobukhosi Moyo 20. Maggie Chigwerewe 21. Tichaona Tembo 22. Shaun Hove 23. Ellen Siphosami Alfred

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